Top 5 Honeymoon destinations in South India you should not miss

Marriage on the cards? Are you looking forward to your honeymoon? Well, here are some top Honeymoon destinations in South India which will make your honeymoon trip a memorable one.


Kerala is well known for its luxurious honeymoon spot. The area is covered with beautiful lakes, romantic & cozy houseboats on stunning waterways. Fascinating things for the newlyweds are the shimmering beaches and attractive hilly areas which go perfectly with the scrumptious weather. Even the delicious Kerala cuisines make the tourists happy. Kerala is a perfect spot to rejuvenate yourself with your partner.

Rishikonda, Andhra Pradesh

Another great place to visit for a dreamy honeymoon is Rishikonda which is surrounded by green mountains and the magnificent beaches. Couples who would like to experience the thrill in bathing in the sea water with their partners would surely love this place.

Kabini, Karnataka

Kabini is a different and unusual honeymoon destination in Karnataka. Basically, it’s a forested area on banks of river Kabini. To reach Kabini one has to drive from Bangalore for around 275 kms and experience the thrill through the forest area. Kabini is not too crowded, couples who like the peaceful atmosphere would enjoy here, and they can walk hand in hand on the river side, enjoy the sunset together, and even go for a relaxing couple spa.

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Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Home for romance is another name given to Ooty which is surrounded by glorifying mountains, Nilgiris. Ooty is a popular hill station in the southern part of India which offers some magnificent spots like Dodabetta. The couple can trek through the windy hilly areas, enjoy the weather, walk around together and admire the beauty of nature.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Araku is a blissful place for romance, which is peaceful, less crowded and completely mesmerizing. The charm of the place is that at Araku there is nothing much to do except for falling in love with each other, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere.

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